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Aug 29: Completion starts, training set and validation set released.


Nov 20 (23:59 UTC): Dec 9 (23:59 UTC):  team merger deadline.


Nov 27 (23:59 UTC):  Dec 16 (23:59 UTC): test set released. All teams have 3 chances to submit their forecasts on test set within one day.


Nov 28 (23:59 UTC):  Dec 17 (23:59 UTC): test set submission closed; competition ends.


Dec 10: winners announced. All winners must submit a 4-page model description in ACM paper format within one week. Per the organizers request, all winners’ code must follow the GNU General Public License v3.0, and need to be published at a website designated by the organizers.





First Place (one team): ¥30,000     


Second Place (two teams): ¥15,000 each team


Third place (four teams): ¥10,000 each team


BAAI-Zhihu Expert Finding


712 teams


Final Submissions